Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weee so busy!

I've been busy working on these sweet little things:

They're a custom order I got, apparently they are from an xbox 360 game called Ilomilo, by the same people who made Little Big Planet. They took a decent amount of time and work to make. The hardest part was definitely that antenna, and I hope the postoffice isn't too rough with the package, since they're somewhat fragile.

I made a pattern for it and it's for sale on my etsy:

I've also been working on some x-mas designs and some new hybrid animals. The bumble fish came out really wonderful! It's so cute i'm not sure I can part with it...

It's funny because it came out nothing like my design. Originally he should have been round like a bumble bee... but I must have been distracted when I cut the fabric, because he came out so long and narrow. But I like that he came out this way, he looks more like a fish!

And now for a sewing tip.

One of the most wonderful ideas I had was to keep all sorts of scraps. I call it my scrap bin, but really it's just a drawer. As long as a scrap of fabric is bigger than a dime I pretty much save it, especially if it is black, pink, white or yellow. When I watch movies/tv with my hubby, I often times cut these scraps(especially the colors I mentioned before) into useful shapes, like round eyes, oval eyes, blush marks, noses, hearts, etc~ these would be what those plastic containers are for. I put all the cut shapes into the plastic containers so I can find them later. I feel like having a bunch of eyes pre-cut, and blush marks, noses, etc helps to keep the flow when I'm sewing on a machine. It also keep my work place cleaner since I cut elsewhere. Also if I cut a bunch at the same time, I get in a rhythm and can cut them better and faster. That and using scraps for this type of thing saves on fabric! So if you plan on making lots of plushies for a long time, you should have a scrap bin!

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