Friday, December 16, 2011

Vacation time :D

Some of you may have seen that the store went on vacation earlier this week. I'll be coming back to Washington around the 9th of January. For now I'll enjoy my trip to the parents and get pampered in every way. Especially since I caught a cold on the flight over, I'm getting the full works of pampering right now. It sure makes having a cold less horrible.

After getting fully rested and enjoying the holidays, I hope to use the 3hr time zone difference to help me wake up earlier in WA. If I can get used to waking up at 8am in NY which is 5am in WA then I can finally start taking more High school Substitute placements! Yay. Although I like the elementary kids more these days, it's nice to not be around complete children all the time. I'll be subbing as much as I can when I get back(so I can get to the point of a pay raise yay) so commissioned work may be slower, but I still plan to plush as much as I can on days off. That and theres this week off in February for "2nd winter break?/1st spring break" i think they officially call it spring break, but they have another spring break in april, and well february is still winter isn't it? I dunno, but I plan to get lots of plushies done and start posting more on here.

I have a lot of projects I started or thought of that I need to finish and get out there. So hopefully the new yr will be a good one, and I can get lots of things done while still making some good money for the future house i want one day XD

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday!!!! and sorry for any typos, I'm a bit too sick to reread right now XD

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Plopling Love Story

This is the story I wrote awhile ago,but never got around to posting XD of the adult ploplings and how they fell in love.

On Plopper Ave, lived two lovely Plopling Familys, one of which had two righty parents and a lefty child named Ploplin. The other had two Lefty parents and a righty child named Plopchen. Ploplin was a handsome yellow Plopling with a big bulge at the end of its swirl. At school Ploplin was friends with everyone, especially the other lefties. Plopchen, on the other hand, was an average looking blue Plopling with a skinny swirl. Plopchen often saw its neighbor with envy and wished it was as attractive and good looking as Ploplin. Plopchen often wished it had a popular plump bulging swirl too.

Although jealous of Ploplin, Plopchen was actually close friends with Ploplin. Growing up as neighbors they had shared many memories together. They were the closest of friends and that in many ways made Plopchen care less about its scrawny swirl.

Every year on Lovers day Ploplin would get lots of chocolates and requests to be mates This would often make Plopchen very jealous. At first Plopchen thought it was a jealousy of Ploplin's popularity, but one day Plopchen realized that it was jealous because it liked Ploplin. Plopchen wished that it too could give Ploplin chocolates, but the union of lefties with righties was forbidden in the land of Ploplings.

For years Plopchen kept these romantic thoughts to itself, only to yearn more and more to be with Ploplin, and getting jealous of every lefty who got close to Ploplin. Then, one day Plopchen decided to risk it all and tell Ploplin the truth. Ploplin was overwhelmed with excitement at the news, because Ploplin had also always had an eye for Plopchen. Ploplin wished always to be with Plopchen, but knew it was forbidden and tried its best to ignore those desires. Now that it was known they both loved eachother, it was impossible for them to resist being together.

Plopchen and Ploplin decided to secretly date. For months they were the happiest Ploplings in all the land. They spent so much lovely time together just enjoying who they are and how they made eachother feel. Then one day one of Ploplin's parents found them together. The parent was very upset with both of them and immediately involved all the parents.

Ploplin and Plopchen explained their hearts out about how much they loved eachother and how they didn't care that Ploplin was a lefty or Plopchen was a righty, that love meant more than direction.

Although the parents hesitated at first, it became obvious to all of them that their children were truly in love. They had concerns of how this would effect their futures, but decided to support them and their abnormal relationship.

Ploplin and Plopchen dealt with various hardships in their life because of their unusual relationship between Ploplings of opposite swirls, but they knew they could deal with anything as long as they had eachother. They lived happily ever after raising a lovely family of their own on Plopper Ave.

The End