Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Plopling Family!

So the babies from before ended up bigger than I meant, so I decided they are just children, and made new babies! And now I have a family of cute adorable Ploplings with 2 kids and 2 babies:

Available at my store:

They are absolutely adorable together! The little babies are super tiny and squishy, I just love them... which is probably why I decided to keep the originals and have them made to order. hehehe... soon my house will be overrun with cuteness ^___^

So little Baby Ploplings despite their cuteness and age are very mischievous and smart. The story I will write with them will have to do with naughty activities of them trolling people. The children Ploplings will have a story about the values of education. Being an educator myself, I feel a need to have one tale about the benefits of being educated. I have already written a story for the adult Ploplings, it is a tale about how they fell in love and made this lovely family of rainbow cuteness hehe.

I'm so excited just thinking up the Plopling world and creating these creatures, but I'm beginning to realize that them not having gender makes it hard to write about them. I never realized how hard it is to write a story without he-she her-him pronouns. I want to use "it", but "it" isn't very descriptive, so I'll have to think about it. I guess I could name them righties or lefties, but I accidentally got carried away when making them and made all the children righties XD

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