Friday, August 26, 2011

What I've been up to

Excuses for my lack of blogging XD. I've been working on patterns that I will sell in my store. So on this blog I will mostly give sewing tips, but some of my plushies I'll have detailed patterns for sale with shapes to use for cutting the fabric and step by step instructions. So if you're interested in making your own plushies and like any of my patterns you should keep an eye out at my store. Also if you have any pattern requests of plushies I have already done, which you'd like to see appear in my store, let me know. A mostly full collection of all my plush work is at my deviant:

Speaking of Deviant Art and patterns, my Chubby star giveaway is coming to an end. So far I have nearly 70 people that signed up for this cute Chubby star:
I got about 250 points too! So my premium membership is on it's way. If you're a member of deviant art and havn't entered, you have till the 31st of august to enter or donate points. If you don't feel like signing up but still want this little dude, the pattern for making him is for sale in my store :D

In terms of current projects I've been in holiday mode. I have been working on some halloween themed plush. Got my little ghosty done:

Now I'm working on some bunny Batties(half bunny half bat) I'm really enjoying the hybrid animals I produce... I have an idea called the Bumble Fish(half fish half bumble bee)... so we'll see how those all turn out XD I also have some X-mas ideas. I figure since X-mas is one of the biggest times of the yr for sales I can't start too soon on making things for it. So keep an eye out for my new stuff ^_^

I'll try to blog about one of my new projects next time :D

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