Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Whats new to come!

I was so busy, in May I went to Rome for our 3 yr anniversary, it was really wonderful, and for photos of that trip go to my Deviantart scrapbook.
Shortly after I got back I was asked to do a long term sub position, which between that and my tutoring I had no time at all to sew :( But with the school year over, and my long term sub position complete, I finally have the time to sew again! I've been very busy with some things. First I felt like making more chubby stars. I love making those guys, and I decided to make them in a variety of sizes. Normally they are about the size of a small fist. But I've made some very tiny ones, and they're super cute. I'm going to make more, and perhaps even an albino one for kicks and giggles.
I threw in a pen in the picture to show the size. In addition to the stars I'm working on a donut. It's almost done and I think so far it's coming out really cute! I have it sitting on the table smiling at me whenever I walk by. The sprinkles are these cute beads I found at the craft store. It was actually pretty hard making a donut, and I ended up gluing the glaze part on because it looked really weird when I tried stitching it on. My big project is a happy toaster. I had started this project before Rome, but couldn't think of a good way to execute it before I went. Nocw I've been working on it and I got the hard parts figured out. The top slits were originally going to be actually holes. I wanted to originally be able to put toasty(the toast plush) in the toaster, but toasty is a bit bigger than actual toast and I started to realize it wouldn't fit. So instead I sewed some black fabric inside and cut out strips from the outside to still give a look like there are slits in the toaster.
Today I worked on adding a lever on the side. I used multiple layers of felt and put a pipe cleaner inside it to keep it's shape. Originally I was going to have the lever move up and down, but I messed up where I cut the hole, so to salvage the whole project I just permanently attached it. It would have been cool if it could move up and down, but I was being stupid XD I still have to add a bottom and stuff it. Also the face needs to be sewn on, but this is what I've got so far ^_^