Monday, September 26, 2011


Ploplings are invading my mind!!! They're all I seem to want to make lately! What is a plopling, well a picture is worth a thousand words:
The Blue one is known as Plopchen and the yellow Ploplin. They are inlove.

Ploplings come in all sorts of colors, and when I put them on my store they will be made to order(since the original two are inspiring some fun stories I may need them for photos). Ploplings are genderless critters identified by the spiral on their head(known as a swirl) and stubby arms. Their age is seen through the length of the swirl. Therefore Baby Ploplings will have short swirls, and will look sorta like this:

The direction of their swirl usually determines which Ploplings they will mingle/flirt/and mate with. The size and shapes of their swirls are seen as unique differences, such as a humans hair color, shape, body type, etc, but the Primary types of swirls are ones with a bulge at the tip and those without.

I plan to write little stories to go with the Ploplings I make. Not sure yet how I want to do it. I almost want it to be a kinda picture book kids story with real themes, using the plushies for the pictures. If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them!

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