Friday, January 20, 2012

My Snow Week!

So It snowed almost the whole week and when it didn't snow, there was enough snow and ice that it was unsafe to drive. As a result I got the whole week off! Here are some awesome pics taken from the warmth and comfort of my apt:

And so, I was stuck inside for a whole work. I got lots of chores and cleaning done. I also got in a bunch of gaming(I think its safe to say I'm addicted to Dungeon Defenders XD), and of course there were plushies to make!!!

Here were some ideas I had...

The blue one is a rain drop, he was supposed to have arms, which looked awesome in drawing, but weird in reality, so I didn't add them. He kinda changed shape more than I thought when I stuffed him.

The heart is for V-day, I stuffed it with Polyfil and those poly pellets, the beanie things they have in beanie babies. It came out really nice, it made with more of a velvet like material and its so squishy and beanie!

The furry grey thing, is supposed to be a furry sluggy rock... He looks ghosty like in the picture but it won't really look like that when it's done. I havn't started that one yet, because the one I'm currently obsessed with is the purple one. I don't know what to call it yet. It looks sorta angelic, so my friend suggested the angel squid. It also looks like a crab whale thing when looked at from the bottom XD So I'm not sure yet, but I really like it! I think I'll have to make more in a variety of colors. What do you think?