Sunday, September 25, 2011

And the finished results...

So here is the final result of the zombie bunny!!! I took a picture of it int he sun light so it has some eerie shadows going on:

Here is it with normal lighting front and back:

I'm pretty happy with how it came out, the greatness of it is purely in the sewn on details. The drop of blood from the mouth, the red/yellow eyes, they're what make it a true Zombie bunny. That and I guess green fur XD

I also finished the Pink Bunny Fox! She looks really cute with the orange one(look they're holding hands!):

They're for sale:

So that is what I was working on, but NOW I have a new fascination, I'll probably blog about it tomorrow cause I want it to stand alone, but consider this a sneak peak:
Ploplings! They're cute plump critters with stubby arms and a spiral appendage on their head. The designs at first were cool and exciting to make, but now that I've sewn them they've been opening up tons of creativity! I want to make stories to go along with them, and I have a whole bunch of Plopling History! So I have a feeling October will be full of lots of posts about Ploplings!

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