Thursday, July 28, 2011

IPhone Plush part 2

Alright so I left off with all my apps ready to be sewn onto the black fabric which will become the phone. And thats exactly what I did. This was actually really really hard! I had to be as precise as possible and try to keep all the apps as square as possible. Fleece can be stretchy, in some cases that was helpful and in other cases it was very irritating XD. I also added some other details (reception bar(triangle), battery, time, the little bottom button, and the apple logo on the back. So now all I have are two black rectangles of fabric with details on them. I face the black fabrics together so the details are touching(in the inside) and sew the black peices together, leaving a hole at the bottom.

Whenever I sew something with corners I like to snip the fabric to help it bend:

After that, I inside out the plushie through the hole I left. The plushie will look different like this than when it's stuffed, so unless you see some major problems with it, don't do any alterations or changes until after you stuff it. Often when stuffing I push the stuffing into the corners first, and then I fill from the farther parts toward the "stuffing" hole. I fill it till it seems the right amount of stuffing and then I massage the plush until it has the right shape. If it seems really lopsided or just has some problem areas that don't look right, unstuff the plush, and inside out it again and fix the areas that need fixing. Repeat the process till you have it right. Don't be afraid to unstitch some areas and redo them completely if need be. Also ignore all the stray polyfil that by now you've probably covered the plush with(I know I did and it shows so much on black XD ), you want to complete the design and stitch up the whole before you start cleaning that off.

I'm happy with how it looks so I'm going to stitch the hole. Honestly I have no idea if there is some special name for this stitch(there probably is) but since a lot of my sewing is self discovered, I just think of it as the invisible stitch. My invisible stitch is my preferred way to fill holes,but depending on the plush other ways can be better. As you can see in the picture to the right the hole has fabric that is folded inward. It is important to have your fabric doing this. I then check if I can pinch the fabric shut in a straight line. If not I adjust the folds till it is straight. Then I get my needle and thread and I start with the needle coming from the inside of the plush(to hide the thread's knot inside the plush) and I stitch like shown in the picture. I take a little from one side and then I weave to the other side and repeat until the whole is shut. I then weave my way back to start to better ensure that the stitching will not come apart.

Finally I clean off all the little polyfil strands and there you have it, an Iphone Plush!

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  1. This is absolutely adorable! Hard work pays off :)