Monday, July 25, 2011

IPhone Plush part 1

So it's about time I use this blog to share some sewing tips! :D  Today I'd like to share my latest project that I am working on: IPhone Plush!!  The idea is not my own, a friend of mine actually made  the custom order a couple days ago, giving me this picture of his iphone screen(to help me out with the apps since I have an andriod 4G evo phone). He wants the plush to be about twice as big and without the mario background.  And so with this custom order the challenge arises to make the iphone plush!

One of the first things I do before I make the plush is figure out everything I can and cannot do with sewing.  The first thing I noticed is that many of the apps on his phone are very complex with tiny details.  With little to no hand embroidery skills I knew some of those details would be impossible.  I also knew cutting fabric shapes that small would be risky and messy.  With those thoughts in mind I decided I could really only do about 12 of the apps.  And so I started constructing a paper model of what I wanted.  The paper model is such a helpful tool for me with detailed work.  It allows me to measure out everything, and visualize the plush before I even make it.  It also helps me determine how much fabric I will need and give consistency in my plushies should I make this plush again in the future.

With my paper outline ready I start cutting out fabric.  I use the little square piece to cut out the apps so they all end up roughly the same shape.  I always try my best to cut shapes the same, but sometimes they just don't come out that way.  So I always start big and leave room for me to trim if I need to adjust the shape at all.  I also keep a giant scrap bin of small pieces of fabric for occasions like this where i need very small pieces of fabric.  it allows me to waste less fabric :D
 With everything cut I like to lay it all out to see how it will all look. Notice how I marked the black fabric to give me guidelines of where everything should go.  These little marks help keep everything in the right position.

They look really good so far and I'm feeling happy with the way it is going.    So as you can see in the pictures, the plushes have lots of floating pieces.  My next move is to connect those peices to complete the apps.  This is one of those things I've learned through sewing.  You always do all these little details before you sew the big piece that they go on.  It makes everything so much easier.  

I added as many details as I felt comfortable with.  My personal favorite is the clock and the notepad. ^_^

This has been fun, if you have any questions feel free to comment. I hope to finish this up soon and share the rest next time I blog :D

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  1. Amazing :-D

    My favorite app is the Ping chat app.. (the bottom right hand corner) ^_^