Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Car!

I know, unrelated to plushing, but very relevant to life! I just got a new car yesterday and I'm very excited about it ^______^ It's a 2012 Hyundai Elantra, and it's this really nice blue color. Sometimes how the sun htis it it looks blue and purple, it's really cool :D.

Finding time for plushing has been hard lately, although I've made a few things and finished some custom orders recently. I've come done with a cold and I have to start Physical therapy this week... So not sure how much I'll get done. I do get mid winter break soon ^_^ So I'll try to make some Cute Stuffies during that time :D


  1. Yeah, the blue and purple colors mix up pretty well when put under the sunlight. Making stuffed toys looks like a cool thing to do! You can definitely rock Valentine's Day with all those stuffed toys in your car!

    [Leisa Dreps]

  2. It is soo shiny. Like! The Elantra is actually my top pick in the sedan list. It’s just a head-turner and is very comfortable to ride. Though this model hasn’t been released long enough in the market to prove its reliability, I believe it is worth the money. How was the first ride? :D
    Clint Moore

  3. As long as it’s a sedan, then, I’m all for it! Wow! Your car is shining blue-ish purple! It’s a nice combination, isn’t? How about in the dark? Does it change color too?

    -Sara Anthony

  4. I love the deep impact blue color of your car. However, in the flesh it would probably look purple. Well, depending on how the light hits it. :) Nice! My brother has silver Elantra Sedan. Just like your car, it looks like a metallic sky blue under the sunlight!

    Carry Demaggio